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    Dallas - Alpha Male


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    Dallas - Alpha Male

    Post by Dallas on Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:03 pm

    The name is Dallas.
    Hourglass reads: 3.5 years
    Family - None
    Mate - N/A
    Pups - N/A
    Scent - Rain and Mint leaves

    Occupation - Alpha Male
    Loyal to - Allure Pack
    Answers to - No-one


    Dallas holds the features of a pure blooded killer. Not only do his eyes glow a dangerous yellow/orange, the posture he holds will assure nobody will cross him. He holds the dominance of many Alpha's within himself. He is large and tends to look down upon others no matter the occupation they hold to him. He holds tones of brown and grey, his markings distinct and hard to miss, his paws are large and consist of claws unlike no other.


    Dallas is a strong Alpha, willing to do anything to protect his pack. Though he is extremely serious most of the time and be quite aggressive towards others, he has a soft side for pups. He will not put up with the thought of others taking his pack from him and will react with nothing but aggressive tendencies toward the other. The tolerance he holds for irritation is quite low and he will not give a single warning before barking at the reason for irritation. Dallas tends to walk away from the pack and sit alone, pondering his thoughts and studying the pack from afar. Dallas can be quite hard to get along with, though if you get along with him, you are on his good side for sure. He will take no disrespect and will not give warnings to those who talk down to him.

    Dallas' Past

    As a young pup, Dallas had lost his parents due to hunters. Dallas grew to be defensive and aggressive towards others due to being alone for long periods of time and he learned not to trust others. At a year old, Dallas came upon an Alpha. That Alpha took him in willingly, thought Dallas lashed out at him, attacked him, and never trusted him. That Alpha's name, was Dezlund, and he was a lion. Not only did Dallas grow up in the center of lions, he began to learn everything there is to know. Lions have always been a threat to wolves, but learning from the inside put him at an advantage. That advantage made Dallas stronger than he ever thought he could be. The confidence he has was boosted and Dallas knew that he would someday be Alpha of his own pack.


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