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    Ranks and their Decsriptions


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    Ranks and their Decsriptions

    Post by Dallas on Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:11 pm

    Please chose your rank and wear the tag for said rank at all times.

    Rank- ALPHA
    Tag- AEA
    The Alpha(s) run the pack. They are to make sure the
    pack is in good hands and everyone within the pack is happy.
    The Alpha has the last word on any and all decisions.
    Nothing is to go by without being run by the Alpha.
    The Alpha title is only to be handed down by heir.

    Rank- BETA
    Tag- AEB
    The Beta is the Alpha's secondhand. If the Alpha is not
    around, the Beta is to make the decisions. The Beta title
    is either given by heir of the Beta's pup, or the Alpha
    will decide the secondhand.

    Rank- DELTA
    Tag- AED
    The Delta is the thirdhand. If neither the Alpha or the Beta are
    around, the Delta is to make the decisions for the pack. The
    Delta title is handed down by heir, or chosen by the Alpha
    himself for the thirdhand position.

    Rank- WARRIOR
    Tag- AEW
    The warriors will fight for the pack and work closely with the guards.
    They are the last resort in an argument with another pack.
    Warriors must train constantly and always watch their backs
    as well as their packs.

    Rank- GUARD

    Tag- AEG
    The guards will also fight for the pack if it comes down to it,
    though their main purpose is to be on look out and keep full
    attention on searching for any threats to the pack. They
    are to patrol the packs territory and keep guard.

    Rank- HUNTER
    Tag- AEH
    The hunters are strong, fast, and have amazing noses for
    hunting down the perfect prey. They are also the perfect
    candidate if a member of the pack goes missing. Their
    noses make them a very powerful asset to the pack.

    Tag- AEP
    The pupsitters are exactly what they sound like. They are energetic
    and are the perfect match for a curious little pup who likes to
    wander off and get into trouble. To be a pupsitter, you must be
    GREAT with pups, and obviously love to play.

    Rank- PUP
    Tag- AEp
    Pups are the life and future of the pack. We are to ensure that we
    raise them right and protect them with our life. There are to be no
    pups harmed. They are precious and are definitely the best
    thing that could ever happen to the pack.

    Rank- OMEGA
    Tag- AEO

    Omegas are the lowest of the low. They are skittish, scrawny,
    and usually get no say in anything within the pack. They are
    usually of canine species(not wolves) unless one of the pack
    is to be demoted for behavior. Omegas will sometimes be beaten
    depending on the other packmate they have come in contact
    with, and should try to lay low within the pack.

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