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    Legendary Items


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    Legendary Items

    Post by Dallas on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:26 am

    Okay, for those of you who do not have the Legendary Items, here is the download link to it. Instructions are also included to insure you put the files in the correct place. If you do not follow the instructions, the Legendary Items will not work. Please follow the instructions if you do not already know what to do.   

    mediafire.com download/gosbyzsczcx36qa/Legendary+Items+v3.zip


    1) Download the .zip
    2) Once you have downloaded it, double click on the file and it should open
    3) Once open, you should see a folder inside labelled "Feralheart", enter this folder by double clicking
    4) You should see a .cfg labelled "Items" and a folder labelled "media"
    5) Locate your Feralheart Folder. If you are on windows, you can do this by clicking "Start" on your task bar, and going to "Computer". Once you have, go to C:, then look for the folder labelled "Feralheart" unless you installed elsewhere.
    6) Enter the folder labelled "Feralheart"
    7) Return to the .zip, grab the .cfg and media folder and drag them into your Feralheart Folder. It will install on it's own.
    Cool Say "Yes" to overwrite, for everything.
    9) Run and login to Feralheart
    10) Go to create a character, go to tab IV or tab 4
    11) Click on an item, select "Add". You can only have on 4 items at a time
    12) Done! Enjoy!

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