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    Lexi the pup



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    Lexi the pup

    Post by Lexi on Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:44 am


    O: Given the name Lexi
    O: Turns head to Lex
    O: Hour glass reads 2 weeks
    O: Adds to the population of females
    O: Has the scent of mud
    O: Is the breed of 15% Afghan hound,35% grey wolf,25% Brittany,25% Chow Chow

    O: Blushes towards no brute
    O: Is in love with no brute
    O: Is bound to no brute

    O: Is daughter to none
    O: Is sibling to no annoyance
    O: Has offspring of no pups

    She enjoys hunting and tracking and she does play rough sometimes, she has been abandoned multiple times and doesn't trust humans. She is a runt put the strongest of her litter and often is curios of new things.

    More later

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